Courses, certificate programs and seminars is a next-gen comprehensive online-native training platform for classrooms, drop-in classes and seminars. It combines deep integration with Zoom meetings and AI-driven marketing to fill your classes. When you’re ready to return to your in-person events, enables a seamless transition from online to hybrid online/in-person to fully in-person teaching models.

Our design philosophy is all about making your online or offline classroom experience delightful. We automate administration wherever we can, so you can focus on your students. We get your classes noticed and seats filled, then give you the in-class tools to stay connected with your students.

The Zoom Experience

Classes are going online. We built our Zoom integration from ground up to leverage our deep experience in education combined with the real-world pain points teachers are experiencing online. Our goal is to make the technology invisible, so you can focus on your students. Here are some highlights.

When you connect Zoom to your account, you will no longer create and manage meetings at with its clunky, outdated UI. will create a classroom for each of your Zoom hosts. You will schedule classes for the online classroom just as you would for a physical one on your website. You do not need to give your zoom password to any of your hosts.

Every Zoom room gets its own scheduling calendar. Zoom allows you to double-book meetings which results in sudden termination of in-progress meetings. The scheduling calendar detects and highlights conflicts while maximizing sharing between classes.

The scheduling experience is simple drag-and-drop and fully responsive. It allows you to create complex repeating patterns not supported by Zoom.

People can’t get into your Zoom meeting. You can’t start it. It suddenly ended. Sounds familiar? Zoom meetings are unreliable. We usually give up, create a new meeting then frantically try to get the new link to our attendees. provides a Zoom panic button. If anything goes wrong, one click creates a new meeting, emails private links to all your attendees and deletes the old one. You’re back online in minutes.

Each of us expresses our gender uniquely, and it is becoming standard practice to include third-person pronouns in your Zoom display name to help people address you appropriately.  With, you optionally register your pronouns once and they always appear beside your name in Zoom calls. Your display name always matches the name on your registration. generates a unique Zoom link for each of your registered attendees. These links cannot be shared, which ensures only registered attendees can join your meetings. Other systems include a public link in a registration which an attendee can simply forward to anyone else to let them in. makes your meetings completely private, safe and secure. No one gets in without payment. sends Zoom links 30 minutes before the session starts. This way, your attendees always have the right link at the right time. They can also retrieve their link on the event page.

The self-service link retrieval system verifies the attendee has a valid registration, generates a non-shareable link and sends it to the email address in the registration.

Self-service link retrieval is completely safe and secure.

Online, your students can come from anywhere. When they visit your website, they will see start times in their own time zone.

In this calendar view, there are some online events that are showing the Your Time notice. The events without Your Time are events at physical venues. seamlessly handles both in the same calendar.

One of the most tedious chores is to take attendance. detects when your students join your Zoom meeting and takes attendance for you. It even records the time the student was in class. The downloaded report gives you documented proof of class hours for certificate programs.

We know that a best-in-class online experience is just one piece of your puzzle. You have existing lead management, CRM and email marketing systems. supports Zapier, which provides integration with over 2000 apps. To find out if we fit into your ecosystem, search for your application at Zapier.

For integration with custom applications, provides an open API, too.

A Complete teaching platform

Online or in-person, knows teaching. Here are some key features that make holding classes easy.

Through the entire process, our focus is on communication. Before the class starts, you are in contact with students over prerequisites and financial assistance. After the class ends, you stay in contact with feedback surveys. Any time later, you can contact your old students and offer them new classes. Find the rest of our features on our features page.