Welcome to our demo site

This is the demo site for EventAgent.ai. When you look around, keep these three things in mind.

This site is AI.

Everything you see here is generated by AI. We seeded the algorithm with events, then let EventAgent.ai take over.

That slider up there is not simply events coming up next. They are selected by AI to maximize your revenue potential today, based in established behavior science.

You can see the admin.

You can install the plugin and configure it, but if you want to see it in full action, contact us and we’ll send you credentials for this site. You’ll be delighted. If you want to be truly blown away, try our competitors, first 🙂

You can make it yours.

This is just one example layout. E.ai can adapt to your existing brand and site structure.

We’ve created an example for a yoga studio, but E.ai works just as well for any kind of client, be they teachers, artists, bands, pastors or whomever you serve.