Zapier is a service that allows to connect to over 2000 other apps. fully supports Zapier integrations. Some example integrations might be:

  • When you receive a registration, add the attendee’s email to your MailChimp contact list.
  • When you add or update an event, publish the event to a Google calendar.
  • When you receive a sale, record the sale to your CRM.

Additionally, all of’s native integrations (SendGrid, Stripe, Zoom, Facebook and Twitter) can also integrate with Zapier apps, giving you nearly limitless integration possibilities.

To find out if can integrate with your application via Zapier, search for your app on the Zapier home page. API

Beyond Zapier integrations, provides a complete public API for infinite integration possibilities. Use it to integrate your data into your own custom presentations or applications. All your data is available to you.

The client is written in Vue.js and built upon the public API. It provides an open-source example implementation reference.

For personal development assistance using the API, contact support.