How You Get Paid supports many different and innovative business models. At every step of the process, we’ve eliminated roadblocks to your payment and made the experience seamless — in some cases completely invisible. Find your business model below to see how implements it.

Retreats, concerts, workshops and festivals

For one-time events like workshops, you collect payment during registration. offers a flexible coupon system that can be used for general discounts or targeted scholarships to a single attendee.

You have the option of collecting a deposit at registration with the remainder collected at the door, or upon entry to a Zoom session.

Registrations can be moderated where your registrar evaluates an application before confirming attendees.

You can offer unlimited payment levels and restrict the number of tickets at each level. You can make member-only prices only available to members.

Custom registration forms can adjust the price based on options chosen on the form. For example +$50 for optional catered lunch.

Therapy sessions, private lessons and coaching offers an innovative model that ensures payment for therapy sessions and private lessons.

Regular, paid sessions are offered as a subscription where your client leaves a credit card on file which is automatically charged when they either enter their regular Zoom session or you scan their QR code when they arrive at your office.

You have the option of offering your first session for free, then payment begins on the second session.

Before each session, your client receives a reminder, and in the case of an online Zoom meeting, a private link to that week’s session.

You can choose to charge clients who did not show up for the session or only charge attendees.

Private group sessions are also supported.

One-time appointments and consultations

Service providers in can offer individual one-time consultations. These can be displayed in a traditional calendar view or an agenda. Click a session to register and it will disappear from the calendar. Only available sessions show.

Group sessions are also supported.

Courses and class series

A course is a series of classes with an end date and any regular meeting time. A course is typically paid for once for all the classes in the course.

Registration can close before the course beings or remain open through the second meeting in case you allow people to join after the class has started.

Moderated courses allow you to check prerequisites before confirming an attendee.

We track cumulative attendance hours to verify certification requirements.

All of the options for workshops are also available for courses, including discounts, deposits and financial aid.

Drop-in yoga and fitness classes or meetups with day fee

A very common model for yoga studios, this is a class that charges a day fee each time you come, but is not part of a course or ongoing therapy commitment. makes this model seamless. Like the coaching and therapy model above, drop-in day fees are agreed upon upfront and you store a credit card on file. Thereafter, the card is charged automatically when the attendee arrives. You have the option of offering the first session free.

Online, they are charged when they enter your Zoom room.

Offline, they are charged when you scan their QR code at the door. If they present a QR code with a balance forward, it will display on their phone. You can ask them to clear the balance right then, which will then present the code without balance or credit card form.

You can elect not to charge a day fee, which will send subscribers reminders and regular Zoom links for a free meetup group.

Memberships and invitation-only events offers two facilities to create member-only or private events by assigning them to special categories.

A Private event requires a WordPress login to access. You manage your membership logins through a paid subscription. When members log in, they will see both your public events and their premium events. You can offer exclusive, member-only prices.

A Hidden event is accessible to the public, but only if you have the direct URL. This is typically used to host private events that don’t require a membership, for example, a benefit event for fundraising. You will email the link to your donors, where they can purchase a seat at your invitation-only fundraiser. offers an extensive payment toolbox that enables many business models. In each case, we have removed friction points in the process to let you concentrate on providing service, confident that payments will happen in the background.